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What Mike Has Achieved

Mike is currently driving “how to scale-up SME’s in Kenya” through a KEPSA partnership. Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) is the private sector umbrella body, bringing together the Kenyan business community as a single voice to engage and influence public policy for an enabling business environment.

The entity was set up in 2003 and boasts a membership of 100,000 direct and indirect members.

Mike’s high regard in local business was recognized when he was voted as the Chairman of the ICT Sector Committee for the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), a role he will hold for two years.

Sector Committees are the entry point of contact between KEPSA and the Government on Policy advocacy work.

Mike heads one of 17 such committees, giving the visionary entrepreneur an avenue to drive the ICT advocacy agenda of KEPSA.

The institution aims to “Inspire a New Era” of business – just like Mike.

Kenya Technology & Outsourcing Society (KITOS)

Mike is Chairman of KITOS, a trade association representing Kenyan Information Technology Enabled Service (ITeS) member businesses. KITOS is the platform through which local Individuals, SMEs and large corporates in the sector engage with the government and other players in the ecosystem.

What does KITOS do?

  • Promote initiatives that may result in job creation within the ITeS industry
  • Market and position Kenyan ITeS companies for growth in local and export markets
  • Nurture ITeS SME companies on a globally competitive trajectory
  • Lobby and position local companies for inclusion in government ICT procurement and participation in government ICT projects, in line with the Kenyan ICT Master Plan 2014
  • Advocate for policies that support ITeS/Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector growth, job creation and encourage foreign direct investment (FDI) in the sector
  • Develop and implement strong industry standards that will result in Kenya attracting new venture creations, and committing to excellence in the local ICT sector and Governance
  • Strengthen and/or develop new partnerships, including strong Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs), as well as partnerships with multinational corporations, encouraging industry collaboration
  • Influence and shape policy initiatives which impact the industry, through education of Government, media, special interest groups and the public


As a corporate innovative leader, SST is evolving with Kenya’s changing healthcare needs. We believe that SMEs can harness ICT and innovative healthcare solutions to address healthcare challenges that drive upward social mobility and economic growth for Kenyan citizens. Targeted healthcare sector investments will create opportunities for SMEs, and SST is at the forefront of addressing the missing middle challenge to ensure scalable innovation happens at all levels.

Through a SME scale-up strategy, SST will support innovative local start-ups and entrepreneurs who are developing or looking to develop pioneering healthcare solutions through our new Afya Labs programs, Kabla and Takeoff.

SST Afya Labs

SST Kabla is a talent incubator designed to support budding founders start and scale a business in Kenya’s healthcare ecosystem. Kabla is targeting mid-career healthcare professionals most familiar with the sector’s challenges and with proven success in health services delivery and a knack for leadership. The individual will have an unfunded pre-idea for which Kabla will provide idea validation, a launch team, co-working space and a monthly stipend as the idea is incubated for monetization.

SST Takeoff is geared towards empowering existing startups in the healthcare space who face the challenges of getting good ideas to scale due to limited access to partners, clients, suppliers and financing. SST will provide access to our diverse network, technological support, concept refinement, strategy formulation, co-working space and funding.

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